Patient Checklist Legislation Passes Nevada Senate, Heads to Governor

In late May, the Nevada Senate passed A.B. 280, legislation sponsored by Speaker of the Assembly John Oceguera, implementing a patient checklist at medical facilities.

"Requiring medical facilities to adopt patient checklists is something more and more states are doing because they reduce costly medical errors and improve health outcomes," Oceguera says. "Nevadans will have access to higher quality healthcare because of this legislation."

A.B. 280 requires medical facilities to develop and adopt safety checklists, which studies show result in improved health outcomes. The legislation further requires the safety checklist to be revised annually and included in the safety plan established for the medical facility. This has the added benefit of keeping hospitals up-to-date with the latest proven methods to improve patient safety. Additionally, the legislation imposes administrative sanctions if checklists are not developed and implemented.