PCI Medical Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary and 15,000 Machines

In conjunction with its 15th anniversary, PCI Medical celebrates the sale of its 15,000th GUS® Vapor Control System. The announcement was made by Philip Coles, president of PCI Medical. PCI Medical develops and manufactures GUS Vapor Control Systems that protect the healthcare worker from toxic fumes during the disinfection process and protect their delicate instruments.

By constantly improving performance and reacting to the needs of the healthcare industry, weve been able to provide efficient and economic solutions related to the disinfection process, says Coles. Weve responded internally as well, by hiring more employees and moving our headquarters to a larger location in Chester, Conn.

Over the years, PCI Medical has continued to receive recognition for outstanding work, including receiving the Gold Winner of the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award. PCI is also ISO 9001:2008 certified.

PCI Medical has developed a wide range of instrument-specific vapor control systems. The GUS is a registered name that PCI created in 1995 to stand for glutaraldehyde user station." At that time, glutaraldehyde was the most widely used high-level disinfectant for heat-sensitive devices.  A few years later, OPA was introduced as another high-level disinfectant and has since replaced glutaraldehyde in many facilities. Today, the GUS Vapor Control System protects healthcare workers from fumes related to OPA, glutaraldehyde, and the newer high-level disinfectants which all require nearly the same safety engineering controls.