Premier Extends Partnership with SterilMed

MAPLE GROVE, Minn. -- Premier Inc., the largest healthcare alliance in the United States, has renewed its reprocessing agreement with SterilMed, Inc., a leading third-party reprocessor of single-use medical devices (SUDs), for its facilities nationwide.  SterilMed's experience has determined that a typical 200-bed hospital could save more than $650,000 and eliminate nearly 20,000 pounds of medical waste under the three-year contract extension.

We are excited about the opportunity to continue to provide Premier and its members with unique and superior reprocessing services, said Brian Sullivan, SterilMed CEO and president. We help our customers save money by reducing their expenditures for single-use medical devices. These savings can be redirected to other important investments such as indigent care and new life-saving technologies.

SterilMed uses proprietary cleaning, testing and sterilization processes to convert single-use medical devices into reusable devices so hospitals can reduce device purchasing costs up to 50 percent.  State-of-the-art reprocessing technologies enable SterilMed to supply over 8,000 different single-use devices in all OR departments as well as for the GI and EP/cath labs.  SterilMed is ISO 13485 certified and compliant with the FDAs Quality System Requirements. 

Source: Premier