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Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health introduces a surgical drape specifically designed to meet the needs of the two most common bariatric surgeries: Roux-en-Y gastric by-pass and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. This unique surgical drape has been engineered with the support of leading bariatric surgeon Robin Blackstone, MD and is designed to accommodate the unique demands of these surgical procedures.

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Hydropedes Glycerin Filled Insoles provide a cushion to the entire bottom of the feet, relieving the pressure on the bones of the feet. The glycerin is of a dense consistency creating a deep massage action while dramatically reducing shock to the lower skeletal system. The Hydropedes insole fl oats the foot, allowing an even distribution of weight. Hydropedes can help in the reduction of pain due to heel spurs, painful calluses, plantar warts, stone bruises, and pain suffered by individuals who spend long hours standing and/ or walking on hard surfaces, according to the company.

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Sure-Way Systems, Inc.

Sure-Way offers complete sharps disposal services. The Sure-Way Systems Proprietary Sharps Container Service offers customized programs to fit the unique needs of any facility. Sure-Way Systems personnel do all the handling of the sharps containers for disposal, improving the healthcare facilitys safety by reducing exposure risks. Sure-Ways reusable sharps containers are available in five sizes with numerous lid types and meet AHA and EPA waste stream reduction goals.

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General Data

The Personal ID FoamWrap wristband is a new patient identification wristband designed for patients with sensitive skin. The band is comprised of a unique hypoallergenic and latex-free foam and direct thermal label combination. The Personal ID FoamWrap patient identification wristbands can help extend a healthcare providers barcode-based patient identification capabilities by providing patient-friendly solutions for neonatal, infant, pediatric, and elderly patients. Patient information, including text, barcodes, and patient photos, can be printed on the high-resolution direct thermal pressure-sensitive label.

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Computer Imprintable Label Systems (CILS)

CILS offers a label specifically developed to prevent vials from fusing together in the extreme environments of autoclaves. The CILS8100AC labels are specifically designed to remain unaffected by environmental conditions experienced in bulk cleaning and subsequent filling through the use of a new material/adhesive combination that withstands the sterilization process. A computer imprintable coating ensures crisp, sharp print quality with no loss of data. CILS8100AC is available in plain and pre-printed formats to suit specific requirements.

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Cetylite Industries Inc.

Cetylite Industries offers many solutions for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilization. Among them are the Cetylite® Power Cleaner which is a general purpose ultrasonic cleaner/holding solution. Cetylcide II® is an EPA registered disinfectant meeting CDC guidelines for cleaning environmental surfaces in patient care areas. Cetylcide-G® is a glutaraldehyde-based formula that is FDA-cleared for use as a sterilant and high-level disinfectant with general claims for processing reusable medical and dental devices, and works at true room temperature.

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Esterline, Advanced Input Systems

Esterline, Advanced Input Systems has developed an infection control-focused keyboard and mouse that helps monitor its own cleaning status. The Medigenic keyboard features a flat design that quickly wipes clean with hospital-grade disinfectants and a single disable key to allow connectivity while the keyboard is cleaned. An alert system a flashing indicator will activate at defined intervals to help monitor and promote cleanliness. Cleaning the keyboard turns off the indicator.

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Smiths Medical

Smiths Medical is advancing passive safety catheter technology through the development of the new ADVANTIV® Safety IV Catheter. It combines the preferred safety of an encased needle tip and the ease of use of a passive design. ADVANTIV is designed to offer a full 360 degrees of encased needle tip protection. The feature-rich catheter accommodates top performance and technique flexibility. Its fully-integrated tip protector moves with the catheter hub during placement, gently releases on disconnect, and has a patented internal locking mechanism. The catheter also features its flexible OCRILON® polyurethane catheter it is firm for insertion, softens in the vein for enhanced patient comfort, and resists kinking.

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