QIOs are Key Leaders in 100K Lives Campaign

The following statement was made by David Schulke, executive vice president of the American Health Quality Association (AHQA): In Atlanta today, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) announced that the 100K Lives Campaign saved 122,342 lives in the last 18 months, surpassing its ambitious goal of 100,000 lives. AHQA congratulates IHI for this unprecedented achievement and supports ongoing efforts to sustain, spread, and accelerate the good work being done. The Campaigns success reflects the efforts of more than 3000 hospitals across the country that voluntarily worked with IHI and its node network to adopt and use evidence-based practices known to reduce mortality.  The network is a national infrastructure for change that supports and mentors the participating hospitals. Thirty-three Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) are leading IHI nodes and many other QIOs are playing key supporting roles.  As nodes, QIOs work with other stakeholders to provide a range of support including sharing best practices, convening conferences, and bringing national experts to local Campaign events. During his announcement today, Dr. Donald Berwick, president and CEO of the IHI, set a new goal 6 x 7 -- to have all participating hospitals implement all six of the Campaigns quality improvement changes by January 2007. The QIO work under their current contract with Medicare overlaps significantly with these six changes and they will be working hand in hand with hospitals and as Campaign nodes to make sure this new goal is reached.  QIOs are pleased to be playing a key role in this effort and will continue to do so.

Source: American Health Quality Association (AHQA)