RencoMed Introduces IV Infection Control Product to Fight HAIs

MANCHESTER, Mass. -- Sixteen states around the country now mandate public disclosure of infection rates at individual hospitals, and several more have submitted legislation to do so. In response to this trend, RencoMed, a Manchester, Mass.-based supply company, has introduced a patented infection control and hygiene product that is designed to protect IV sites from moisture-borne infections.

RencoMeds disposable, waterproof DrySite Sleeve provides freedom of movement, allowing patients with chronically implanted IV catheters, a major source of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), to wash, bath, swim, and exercise while reducing the risk of infection. The sleeve applies easily and quickly, and replaces risky and time consuming make shift solutions such as wrapping the site with cellophane and tape.

RencoMeds marketing director, Paul Dozier, comments, With the cost per incident of HAIs approaching $40,000, states and healthcare institutions are taking the infection threats associated with intravenous devices seriously, and so are we. Of growing concern to hospitals is the difficult-to-treat methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a strain of staph infection that commonly enters the body at IV sites and carries a high risk of death.

The DrySite Sleeve provides cheap insurance against such risks, and affords patients better hygiene and day-to-day enjoyment while under going intravenous care. And nurses wont miss the wasted time and hassles of improvised solutions, Dozier adds.

RenoMed is the medical products subsidiary of Renco Corporation, a manufacturer of polymer gloves and products since 1968.