Ruhof Receives Multi-Source Contract


Premier's group purchasing arm awarded Ruhof Healthcare a multi-source contract for its Triple + Enzymatic Instrument/Scope Cleaner product featuring Ruhof's premium Brand Endozime( AW Triple Plus( the only enzymatic/detergent that removes all bio-burden. The contract period is Aug. 1, 2002 until July 31, 2005.

Premier is an alliance of nearly 1,600 not-for-profit hospitals committed to improving healthcare quality, enhancing safety and reducing costs. Group contracting offered by the organization allows hospitals to purchase selected products at cost-effective pricing and terms.

This agreement also provides Premier members access to the broadest array of instrument care products including enzymatic sponges, rust and corrosion removers, mineral oil lubricants, rust inhibitors, autoclave cleaners, enzymatic foam sprays, quaternary germicide surface disinfectants, transport bins, hand sanitizers, radioactive contaminant removers and lime and scale removers.

"Ruhof Healthcare and Premier will soon launch a post award Co-Marketing contract compliance program in coordination with the Premier Sales/Marketing team to bring contract awareness and added value to Premier Membership," says Douglas MacKay, Ruhof Healthcare's director of national accounts.

"Ruhof Healthcare demonstrated to our contract committee composed of hospital members that it could offer its products to our membership at competitive terms and conditions. As hospitals are looking for new alternatives to addressing sterilization, this contract offers them a resource to consider," says David Haines, nursing services - Premier Medical/Surgical.

As the pioneer in enzymatic cleaners for instrument and scope care, Ruhof introduced the first enzymatic cleaner to the healthcare industry in 1976 and Ruhof brand is now used by one of every five hospitals nationwide. Ruhof has been a the leading technological innovator since 1976, dedicated to research, development and manufacturing state of the art products to ensure the complete cleaning and reprocessing of all surgical instruments and scopes. Addressing the ever-increasing concern of cross contamination in the healthcare field, Ruhof's R&D department revolutionized the cleaning industry with the Ruhof System. The Ruhof System is a major breakthrough in instrument and scope reprocessing with its unique multi-tiered enzymatic cleaners, rust and corrosion removers and mineral oil lubricants. Ruhof's goal is to provide the most efficient, safe and economical combination of products while reducing repair and replacement costs. This is done in our state-of-the-art ISO 9002 certified facilities and bears the CE mark, a certification that we meet and exceed the worldwide standards of quality assurance in production and customer service.

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