Saudi Arabia MOH Issues MERS-CoV-Related Health Regulations for Those Making Pilgrimages

In light of the current outbreak of MERS-CoV, the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has issued health regulations for individuals conducting pilgrimages to the city of Mecca for Hajj and Umrah this fall.

Elderly people, pregnant women, children and those with chronic diseases such as heart, kidney and respiratory diseases, as well as patients with congenital and acquired immune deficiency, are being encouraged not to participate in the pilgrimages.
Public health officials in Saudi Arabia are asking individuals who do make a pilgrimage to be mindful of infection control practices such as handwashing and hand antisepsis, performing respiratory etiquette, limiting direct contact with infectious people and avoiding sharing their personal items, wearing face masks in overcrowded places, and maintaining hygiene in general. The regulations also include obtaining a valid certificate of vaccination against meningitis at least 10 days before traveling to Saudi Arabia, and up to three years, as well as getting a certificate of vaccination against polio.
Source: Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia