Seal Shield LLC Debuts Antimicrobial Protection for Healthcare and Consumer Products

Seal Shield LLC announces the introduction of Seal Shield™ antimicrobial protection for healthcare and consumer products. The Seal Shield solution represents a groundbreaking development in antimicrobial product protection technology. Products treated with Seal Shield™ have been shown to resist the growth of viruses, fungi, and odor causing microbial bacteria. Seal Shield™ is EPA-registered, environmentally friendly, and is designed to keep treated products cleaner, greener and fresher longer. Developed for the healthcare market, Seal Shield™ is the perfect solution for hospitals and the home. Seal Shield™ is an effective and economical way to provide permanent antimicrobial product protection to sensitive healthcare devices or heavy-use consumer home products.

"With recent increases in infection prevention efforts, our healthcare customers are demanding germ protection for all common touch surfaces, ranging from phones to light switches and everything in between," says Seal Shield CEO Brad Whitchurch. "Seal Shield™ antimicrobial technology gives them a safe, effective, economical solution for permanent protection of almost any product or surface."

Seal Shield™ is an antimicrobial, fungistatic additive which reduces the growth of mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria on a product's surfaces.  Seal Shield™ is available in liquid, powder or as master batch for plastic, silicone and other varied polymers. For a demonstration of the latest infection control and antimicrobial technology visit Seal Shield LLC at the Consumer Electronics Show, Sands booth #73129, beginning Jan. 6 in Las Vegas. 

Seal Shield LLC designs, develops and manufactures medical grade, infection control technology for hospitals and the home. In 2007, Seal Shield LLC invented the world's first antimicrobial, waterproof keyboard and mouse.  Since then, the infection control company has established a unique in-house antimicrobial test lab and has become the world's leading innovator of infection prevention and antimicrobial technology. Products include air purifiers, waterproof/antimicrobial keyboards, mice, TV remotes, smart phone and tablet protection products as well as OEM solutions, custom engineering and antimicrobial consulting services.

Source: Seal Shield LLC