As Seen at APIC 2006


As Seen at APIC 2006

Professional Disposables International

Professional Disposables International, the healthcare division of Nice-Pak Products, Inc., offers Chlorascrub, a new and effective chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) product. Chlorascrub is designed to be easy to use, with a fast kill time and prolonged antimicrobial activity. Chlorascrub consists of 3.15 percent chlorhexidine gluconate and 70 percent isopropyl alcohol in pre-moistened swab, swabstick, and maxi swabstick delivery systems. It may be used for a variety of antiseptic skin preparation needs such as peripheral IVs, blood cultures, and minor surgical procedures.

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If you were unable to attend this years meeting of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) June 10-14, 2006 in Tampa, Fla., heres just some of the product and technology information you missed. Designed with infection control in mind, IKEYs SlimKey- MD family of sealed medical keyboards can be disinfected in moments. Ideal for use in ORs, on patient carts, and at nurses stations, the compact SlimKey-MDs are available with an optional integrated mouse, a disable switch, and backlighting for low-light environments. IKEYs newly released FL-series have lower-profile keys for easy cleaning and are designed in a lighter shade for improved hospital aesthetics. 

Smith & Nephew

ACTICOAT® from Smith & Nephew is a unique silver-coated antimicrobial barrier dressing that offers broad protection from more than 150 types of wound pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA and VRE. When used on burns or chronic wounds, the silver acts quickly to protect against dressing contamination, and the absorbent rayon/polyester inner core helps maintain a moist environment for wound healing.

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Cetylite Industries

Cetylite Industries manufactures solutions for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilization. Cetylite® Power Cleaner is a general purpose ultrasonic cleaner/holding solution. Cetylcide II® is an EPA-registered disinfectant meeting CDC guidelines for cleaning environmental surfaces in patient care areas. Cetylcide-G® is a glutaraldehyde-based formula that is FDA-cleared for use as a sterilant and high-level disinfectant with general claims for processing reusable medical and dental devices and works at true room temperature.

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3M One-Step Patient Prep is the only self-contained single-use sterile applicator, non-alcohol-based povidone iodine solution for patient preoperative skin prep, that can be used on both skin and mucosal tissue*. One-Step Prep offers documented two-minute bactericidal efficacy. The patented film-forming solution provides the efficacy of a five-minute scrub followed by a paint, resists wash-off by blood and saline challenge, and provides persistent activity for up to 24 hours. When allowed to dry, One-Step Prep delivers enhanced drape adhesion after simulated surgical conditions compared to other aqueous-based iodophor preps, and provides persistent activity on skin for up to 24 hours. *Do not use in the eye.

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BD Diagnostics -- Preanalytical Systems

Offering split-second protection, the BD Vacutainer® Push Button Collection Set is the only blood collection system with push-button technology. The push-button safety mechanism instantly helps protect you against needlestick injury. Its in-vein activation reduces risk of healthcare worker exposure to a contaminated needle, provides easy activation without patient discomfort, and is ideal for use in high-risk environments. The one-handed safety activation of the push button allows for activation of the safety mechanism while still attending to the patient/venipuncture site, and provides easier, safer blood collection for the healthcare worker, with no compromise to patient care.

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Ruhofs Endozime InstruSponge is now available for all flexible/rigid scopes and cannulated take-apart instruments. InstruSponges flexible plastic wand allows for easy maneuvering through complex internal channels, cannulas, and lumens to loosen and expel gross contaminants. Impregnated with Endozime® AW Triple Plus® with APA, InstruSponges foam tip gently wipes clean the inside surface, while instantly and actively digesting bio-burden upon contact. Unlike wire bristle brushes, InstruSponge is designed for single-use to help decrease the risk of cross-contamination and will not scar internal walls, or spatter user when coming out.

(800) 537-8463 

Terumo Medical Corporation

SurGuard2 needle protection system is a simple, intuitive safety system designed to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries. The safety sheath is easily activated with one hand. SurGuard2 is available in syringe combinations or just safety needles, with a complete array of 18 sizes, ranging from 18 gauge to 30 gauge needles.

(800) 283-7866 

Retractable Technologies Inc.

The VanishPoint® IV catheter utilizes automated retraction technology. It is easy to use and allows for one-handed venipuncture. It contains an integrated safety mechanism that, when activated, quickly retracts the introducer needle, which remains safely retracted inside the housing until disposal substantially reducing the risk of a needlestick injury. VanishPoint® catheters are available in a variety of sizes, each color-coded according to international standards to indicate the catheter gauge.

(888) 703-1010 

Quanta Technologies

QlickSmart is a single-handed solution for blade removal. The QlickSmart system protects surgical nurses from dangerous cuts while removing disposable scalpel blades. Surgical nurses can simply direct the blade into a mounted disposable cartridge with one hand, listen for the click, and then pull out the scalpel. The QlickSmart system works with most conventional scalpels.

(800) 529-7286 

Arizant Healthcare

From pre-warming through PACU, the Bair Paws® system offers comfort, convenience, and efficiency. By pre-warming, or banking heat in the periphery before surgery, the Bair Paws system can limit heat loss associated with redistribution hypothermia. In addition, the gown is fully compatible with our Bair Hugger® warming units for the most demanding clinical needs of the OR and PACU. Before, during, and after surgery, the Bair Paws system offers continuous warming nothing else can match.

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Safetec of America, Inc.

Red-ZTM Fluid Control Solidifier is 35 percent faster and is used in suction canisters, kick buckets, urology bags, and red bags. Red-Z is ideal for the prevention of spills and splashing of potentially infectious fluids. One ounce of Red Z solidifies more than 1,000 ccs of collected fluid. Safetec now offers two new bottle sizes 1,500 cc or 3,000 cc.

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Raven Labs

Raven Labs announces the re-release of ProPACT, Ravens peracetic acid culture test kit for use in the STERIS System 1® sterilization process. ProPACT now involves an improved, more distinctive color change from purple to yellow and offers results in only 24 hours, room temperature storage, and a training CD that outlines the usage of ProPACT. Free samples are available.

(800) 728-5702 

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