Sepsis: One Father's Story, Part 3

In this third installment of 3, Infection Control Today® continues the one father's story of how sepsis can enter central lines and how it affects the entire family.

In this 3-part video series, Infection Control Today® (ICT®) has presented a personal story of how sepsis can enter central lines. One father tells the story of how his son lived through sepsis but how, in the end, it has taken an enormous toll not only on his son but on his whole family.

The father in question, David Jordon, BS, key account manager for US hospitals for Covalon Technologies, talks to ICT® about his family’s story of how sepsis changed their lives. He describes his family’s pain, loneliness, and unbeatable strength to get through a trying time in their lives due to their son’s illness.

This story is also a tale of dedication, determination, and love.

In this third of 3 installments of David Jordan and his family’s story about his son living through sepsis and the aftermath, Jordan describes how it has affected his family’s life, his career, and what blessing they chose to do because of their son’s long-term illness. He discussed how his career has evolved into a position where he can work within health care to help prevent infections. Finally, Jordan covers how his personal story has changed how he approaches customers and patients about his product experience.

Jordan told ICT® in this exclusive interview that “When you're working with products that prevent infection, and you've been through that infection, you’re not talking about a clinical study. You're talking about a personal experience. And even if you don't get into your personal experience, there's a difference between talking about something that's preventing an infection when you've been through it versus ‘I heard about it.’”

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