SGNA Launches Initiative to Boost Infection Prevention in GI Practice

The Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates, Inc. (SGNA) announces the launch of AIM: Assess, Implement and Maintain. AIM is an initiative of SGNA’s Infection Prevention Champions Program, which provides a unit member (a “champion”) with the resources and guidance to develop a customized infection prevention plan for his or her facility.

The complete AIM program is intended to encompass a two-year timeframe, with options for facilities to adjust timing based on their specific needs. Participants assess their current practices and implement best practices in the first year, while the second year focuses on maintaining the optimal infection prevention standards for long-term success and patient safety.

The goal of the Infection Prevention Champions Program is for each facility/setting across the country to have a team member enroll as a champion who acts as the link to the most current infection prevention news, helping ensure the most current and safe practices are followed. Champion-only resources will be available from SGNA to those with a subscription, helping ensure the most current and safest practices are followed.

The AIM program requires payment of $250 for the full two-year program. Included in the program is champions-only access to SGNA electronic resources, including the High-Level Disinfection Wall Chart, High-Level Disinfection video, Train the Trainer competency checklist and the Infection Prevention Module of the Associates Program. The program also offers access to the champions-only discussion forum and a bi-monthly e-newsletter from SGNA Headquarters. Single-year program options are also available.

To learn more about AIM and the SGNA’s Infection Prevention Champions Program, visit the SGNA Infection Prevention website or email SGNA at

Source: Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates, Inc. (SGNA)