Skinvisible's Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer Formulation May Offer Potential Advantage Against Transmission of SARS in South Korean Market

LAS VEGAS -- Skinvisible, Inc. announces it has signed a distribution agreement with Canadian-based Clara Laboratories Ltd. granting them the right to distribute Skinvisible's full line of proprietary Invisicare polymer-based delivery systems throughout the South Korean marketplace.

The agreement also gives Clara Laboratories access to Skinvisible's product formulations which incorporate the Invisicare delivery systems, including an antimicrobial hand sanitizer lotion and a range of skincare moisturizers and sunscreens. Proven advantages of the Skinvisible formulations include their ability to bond with the skin, holding active ingredients in place for extended periods and offering timed release. The formulations resist both wash-off and perspiration while providing longer persistence for skincare, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer products.

Of particular and immediate interest to Clara Laboratories, due to the imminent threat and spread of the SARS virus, is Skinvisible's patent-pending antimicrobial hand sanitizer formulation. Independent studies indicate that this formulation offers significant advantages over alcohol-based hand sanitizers marketed to kill bacteria and viruses on the hands. The Skinvisible formulation offers continuous, long-term kill of up to 4 hours per application, undiminished by hand washing or perspiration. In comparison, the alcohol gels typically provide instant protection but offer no long-term persistence.

"We see this agreement as a positive and rewarding new venture for Skinvisible," says Terry Howlett, president. "It makes the most sense to gain exposure in international markets through established local marketers and distributors," he continues, "and we are excited to see Skinvisible's patent-pending formulations introduced into South Korea which has significant market potential."

The founders and management of Clara Laboratories have extensive knowledge and connections within the South Korean market. Discussions are also presently underway for Clara Laboratories to potentially acquire certain rights to the antimicrobial hand sanitizer for the regions of China and Hong Kong where the SARS virus is most prevalent and threatening.

Skinvisible, Inc. is focused on the development of innovative topical polymer-based delivery systems and related technologies incorporating its patent-pending formula/process for combining hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers into stable water emulsions.

Source: Skinvisible, Inc.