STERIS to Present Solutions for Low-Temperature Reprocessing, Hand Hygiene at APIC Meeting

STERIS Corporation will offer information and products that make a meaningful difference in the fight against infection at this years Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology annual conference in Baltimore, June 27-29. In addition to exhibiting the companys hospital-grade hand hygiene products and the new SYSTEM 1E Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System, STERIS experts will be on hand at booth #3403 to discuss infection preventionists concerns about sterilants and high-level disinfectants for low-temperature processing, the related safety issues, and available high-quality oxidative solutions.

STERISs innovative infection prevention technologies are designed to help protect patients, healthcare professionals and expensive devices. A sampling of the products that will be on the floor at APIC includes:

- Resert® XL HLD High Level Disinfectant, a safe alternative to aldehyde-based solutions. Resert XL HLD formulation combines the safe, highly effective attributes of oxidative chemistry with a manual or validated automatic process using a facilitys existing automated endoscope reprocessor. When used according to the instructions for use, Resert XL HLD disinfectant is safe for patients and staff, safe for devices, safe for the department, and safe for the environment.

- The SYSTEM 1E Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System, for a 23-minute turnaround of heat-sensitive critical and semi-critical devices. APIC members can learn about the extensively treated rinse water process that removes bacteria, fungi and protozoa 0.1µm, and inactivates 99.9999 percent of most viruses. The system and its accessories will be available for hands-on interaction.

- The OmniFoam Dispenser, designed to deliver fast-acting foamed hand hygiene formulations in busy healthcare environments. The OmniStat tip allows the user to push or pull from any direction to quickly dispense healthcare personnel handwash or surgical scrub. The dispensers sleek, simple design blends with any décor and encases the foam can completely. A bold red "EMPTY" tab flips up easily and can be seen from up to 20 feet away, to encourage quick replacement of product. The slim splashguard matches the dispensers sleek look and is easy to clean.