Touro University International Offers Online Instruction in Sharps-Injury Prevention

Beginning this September, Touro University International (TUI) is offering a new series of four online, distance learning courses leading to a graduate certificate in sharps-injury prevention. 


The goal of the program is to provide healthcare workers and other professionals with advanced knowledge, skills and abilities to assist international efforts to eliminate the risk of needlestick and other sharps injuries and subsequent risk to bloodborne infections (e.g., HIV, HBV, HCV).


The graduate certificate is designed for public health professionals, infection control and occupational/employee health professionals, environmental, health and safety professionals, education and training staff, laboratorians, nurses and other allied health professionals that need continuing education credits, individuals who want to change or advance in their careers, representatives of companies who manufacture and distribute sharps safety devices, researchers and device inventors.


For more information, visit: or call (800) 375-9878.


Source: Touro University International