Trinity Guardion Creates Launderable Antimicrobial Bed Protection System


Trinity Guardion announces the launch of its flagship product, the Trinity Guardion Bed Protection System. Engineered for hospital beds, the product is the first-ever launderable polyurethane bed cover system. The product, which contains an anti-microbial, is designed to encompass both the mattress and the bed deck, providing additional protection from residual bio-burden including bacteria, fungus, mold and other microbes that can build up, causing surfaces to be unclean and have odors. Independent testing of the Trinity Guardion Bed Cover System, led by Xavier University and conducted at Indianapolis-based St. Vincent Health, showed that the bed covers, laundered using the CDC wash protocol, are cleaner than terminally cleaned beds without the covers.

The product is the result of an international collaboration between industry leaders in biotechnology, infection control, academia and wound care. The covers are designed to be mechanically laundered using heat and chlorine bleach to provide mattress surfaces that are cleaner than using conventional best practices. Field research and industry due diligence conducted by Trinity Guardion shows that: current mattress covers have microscopic crevices that can harbor bacteria, current cleaning practices can actually spread bacteria further around the mattress and bed deck, and current methods for testing mattress and bed deck cleanliness are inadequate.

The Trinity Guardion Bed Protection System is constructed with a fabric containing an encapsulated antimicrobial silver additive manufactured by Dartex Coatings and developed with Smith & Nephew Extruded Films. Stains from blood and betadine on the bed cover system are no longer an issue when using our wash process. Unlike prior applications of antimicrobial silver in launderable products, the Trinity Bed Protection System is launderable in healthcare laundries, and is reusable. The silver has been proven not to leach into the waste stream during extended laundry tests. Additionally, the Trinity Guardion Bed Protection System can be laundered using the CDC standards with high heat and bleach components designed to kill bacteria and vegetative spores.

Trinity Guardion COO and co-founder Bruce Rippe explains, "By laundering the cover after each patient discharge there is a significant reduction in bacteria on the mattress and bed deck surfaces, a new clean for hospital beds. More importantly, when laundered according to directions, each time a cover is used the patient is consistently provided a clean surface that is more difficult to achieve with current cleaning protocols. This should eliminate virtually all bacteria and viruses from the mattress cover. Hospitals now have another tool in the battle to provide consistently clean beds."

The Trinity Guardion Bed Protection System is engineered to fit specific brands and models of hospital beds, protecting the mattress and deck while still allowing for the bed to fully articulate while not hindering the underlying mattress. Trinity Guardion will be providing live demonstrations of the Trinity Bed Protection System at the upcoming APIC annual conference in Baltimore, June 27-29.

The Trinity Guardion Bed Protection System has not been shown to correlate with a reduction in infections in patients or caregivers. Clinical studies to evaluate reduction in infection have not been performed.

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