TSI Incorporated Launches a Newly Redesigned Test Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Line of Products

SHOREVIEW, Minn. -- TSI Incorporated announces the launch of a newly redesigned line of anemometers and indoor air quality instruments.  The new products provide highly accurate, fast, and easy to use instrumentation for serving building service contractors, commissioning specialists, facility engineers, and research professionals. 

The new thermal anemometers come with intuitive operation and a large display to view measurements.  Enhanced features include LogDat2, an easy to operate software package that simplifies data logging and reporting.  Downloading data through USB has increased speed and wireless Blue Tooth printing enables onsite printing to an optional portable printer.

The Indoor Air Quality instruments are lightweight, compact units capable of making quick, accurate, real-time measurements of key IAQ parameters. Data can be saved and statistics reviewed on the instruments.

Standard with each instrument, TSI includes a calibration certificate that ensures the instruments are reliable and accurate, even at low flows.

An international leader in measurement technology for over 40 years, TSI Incorporated designs and manufactures precision instruments used to measure flow, particulate and other key parameters in the environment. TSI serves the needs of industry, governments, research institutions and universities.

Source: TSI Incorporated