TSI Introduces Venturi Valves to Ease Lab Design

SHOREVIEW, Minn. -- TSI Incorporated, supplier of monitors and controls to hospitals and laboratories worldwide for over two decades, enhances laboratory design flexibility by offering venturi valves in addition to dampers and airflow stations. Design professionals have appreciated venturi valves advantages, such as pressure independence and minimal straight duct requirements. Now building owners and consultants can combine venturi valves with TSI closed loop face velocity control to ensure safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

In addition, TSI can provide an Excel macro to help designers select the venturi valve size most appropriate for their project. Users simply enter a few key parameters, including minimum and maximum flows, safety factor and desired pressure drop. The macro automatically calculates the valve size required, greatly simplifying the design process. It is intended to eliminate order errors and reduce callbacks. To request the macro, simply e-mail TSI at answers@tsi.com.

TSI Incorporated is a worldwide supplier of innovative instrumentation for industry and research. Founded in 1961, TSI has its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Shoreview, Minnesota. More detailed information on "HVAC Controls - Hospital or Laboratory" is available on its Web site at www.tsi.com.