UL Workplace Health & Safety Offers Online Training Courses to Healthcare Organizations

UL Workplace Health & Safety, a leading provider of workplace health and safety solutions, is donating a series of its online training courses to healthcare organizations in the United States. The courses-which cover infection control through handwashing, bloodborne pathogens, personal protective equipment (PPE) in healthcare, and standard precautions-will be offered free of charge to any organization that requests them. As influenza season begins and concern about infectious diseases continues to grow, the company hopes to amplify existing health and safety training already underway at healthcare facilities around the country.

“Healthcare workers are on the front lines of infection, working tirelessly to keep us and our families safe,” says Bill Grana, president of UL Workplace Health & Safety. “They are crucial to ensuring that the public stays out of harm’s way, and as such, their health and safety should be one of our top priorities. We are pleased to offer several of our courses to help keep healthcare workers safe, healthy, and on the job.”

“While the healthcare community has seen improvements in the number of acquired infections, no process will ever be perfect,” says Todd Hohn, ULI global director. “Sharing our content is just one way to accelerate and expand lessons learned. We hope that everyone in the healthcare network can benefit from increased knowledge on hazards to avoid and precautions they should take.”

For more information or to acquire the courses, visit www.ULWorkplace.com or call (888) 202-3016.

Source: UL Workplace Health & Safety