University of South Florida Infectious Disease Division Commits to Safety with Textile Technology


As an innovator in infectious disease prevention and patient safety, the University of South Florida College of Medicine's Division of Infectious Disease and International Medicine is instituting high-tech, fluid repellant Vestex lab coats for its physicians and advanced clinical staff. Engineered as a first line of defense against blood and other bodily fluids, Vestex will help prevent contamination of clothing in healthcare textiles.

"We are committed to excellence in healthcare and that begins with safety for our patients and our employees," says John Sinnott, MD, FACP, FISDA, associate dean and division director. "As the latest advance in textile technology, Vestex will be another instrument in our quest for innovation. This is the next step in our mission to be an internationally outstanding academic center and resource for infectious disease identification, prevention and treatment issues."

As the principal infectious disease organization in Florida, the division conducts research, analyzes infectious disease policies, and provides clinical care and training to healthcare workers both locally and throughout the world. Sinnott is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the Infectious Disease Society of America.

Developed by Orlando-based Vestagen Technical Textiles, Vestex uses exclusively licensed and patented technology to repel blood and bodily fluids, wick away perspiration, guard against degradation from microorganisms, and control odors. The innovative, nanotechnology-based textile helps prevent contamination of the clothing while keeping the wearer clean, cool and dry.

"Frequent exposure of healthcare workers to contaminants is predictable in high patient-contact areas like infectious disease units," said Ben Favret, president and CEO of Vestagen. "Vestex will help keep physicians safe from unpredictable spills or splatters that may occur and introduce a new level of protection."

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