U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Approves EnviroSystems' EcoTru for Use on Food Contact Surfaces


SAN JOSE, Calif. -- EnviroSystems, Inc., a leader in bio protection and disease reducing technologies, announced today that its nanoemulsion disinfectant/cleaner EcoTru has received clearance from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a safe, non-corrosive disinfectant for use on food contact surfaces.

The approval expands the applications of the EcoTru product line to include use in restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, kitchens, bars, food stores, food processing plants and on food preparation equipment. Additional applications include beverage plants, wineries and breweries, dairy products processing plants, meat-poultry-seafood plants, commercial mixing vats and pipelines, and food transport vehicles.

"The new approval expands the market for EcoTru products," said Diana Hoffman, EnviroSystems' president and chief executive officer. "We can now offer a state-of-the-art disease prevention, food safety and brand protection solution for the hospitality, food processing and food service industries.

"Yet perhaps more important," Hoffman continued, "unlike competitive products, which are often toxic and give off irritating and offensive fumes, EcoTru is completely safe for workers to use while being environmentally friendly. It also dispenses with the need for protective clothing, aprons, facemasks and rubber gloves when cleaning and decontaminating food surface areas with disinfectants."

Prior to the introduction of EcoTru, virtually all food surface cleaners and disinfectants were harsh chemical compounds that proved corrosive to food surface areas and potentially harmful to workers and the surrounding environment. EcoTru is non-toxic and equal in efficacy on food-borne pathogens to chlorine, bromine and bleach-based disinfecting products, yet is biodegradable, safe for marine discharge, and without harmful impact on people or our planet.

"We also believe that EcoTru is an especially valuable image builder for industry," said Brent Nixon, vice president of sales and marketing for EnviroSystems. "It offers the hospitality and food-related industries an excellent protection strategy, and sends a clear message to their customers that the industries adhere to the strictest worker safety and global environmental standards."

The EcoTru product line has repeatedly been demonstrated by independent laboratories to reduce the spread of a broad range of infectious diseases, including E. coli, salmonella, listeria, staph, strep, pseudomonas, Norwalk-like virus (FCV), influenza A, hepatitis B and C, vaccina (smallpox stimulant) and a broad range of other fungi and viruses, as well as TB and resistant bacteria, while being completely safe to use.

EnviroSystems' expertise in the emerging sciences of nanoemulsion technology and membrane biophysics helps position the company at the forefront of the disease prevention industry at a time when there is rapidly growing awareness of the critical need to eradicate biological risks while protecting people and the environment.

Source: EnviroSystems, Inc.

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