Weekly Rounds with Infection Control Today: Mu Antibody Resistance, Drugs to Fight Candida Auris, Quarantined Workers

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More Data Point to COVID-19 Mu Variant’s Antibody Resistance

Researchers found the mu variant to be the most resistant variant to antibodies from either previous infection or from vaccines, a spot that had been previously occupied by the beta, or the South African, variant.

Drugs in Development Might Help Fight Deadly Candida Auris

New antifungal agents that are being investigated for possible use against C. auris, such as Ibrexafungerp (Brexafemme), show promise—so far.

Should Vaccinated Health Care Workers Reinfected with COVID-19 be Quarantined?

Vaccines work. They ward off severe illness and death. But they do not make health care workers invulnerable to breakthrough infections, according to a research letter in JAMA Open Network.

Improved Cleaning Needed to Fight Off Acinetobacter Baumannii

The pathogen can lurk on blankets, bed rails, trolley handles, sheets, door handles, light switches, bedside tables, bedside table drawers, curtains, sinks, food tables, curtains, normal saline stands.

Method That Repels Pathogens from Hospital Surfaces Studied

Investigators used acetone-washed, pre-autoclaved stainless-steel coupons coated with reformulated quaternary ammonium polymer to keep deadly pathogens at bay.