Weekly Rounds with Infection Control Today: Omicron Threat, Dental Sterilization, Fixing Nursing Homes

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Omicron’s Mild Symptoms Can’t Mask Danger It Poses

Omicron poses a grave risk to the US health care system. The US has a low rate of vaccination and obtaining boosters, and a relatively large segment of our population is elderly or immunocompromised. A 2-dose mRNA vaccine's immunity appears to rapidly wane and unlike South Africa, many in the US were fully vaccinated very early in the pandemic.

As Delta Spikes in Parts of U.S., Omicron Wave Builds Momentum

Experts worry that the high infectivity of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 will further strain health care systems already dealing with Delta. Expect infection preventionists to be in the thick of it.

Brushing Up on Sterile Processing in Dentistry

Dental instruments may not seem as invasive as the instruments used in medical surgeries, but they still pose the same dangers.

They’re Back: In Face of Omicron, Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing, Masking Needed

The World Health Organization warns that vaccines alone won’t protect health care systems from being swamped.

Changes COVID-19 Brought to Long-Term Care Facilities

Having an infection preventionist on site or as a consultant to lead infection prevention and control training makes a difference. The ability to screen, isolate, or group patients can save lives. Ongoing testing of residents and staff is critical.