Wein Products Introduces AS150MM Technology for Added Protection Against SARS

LOS ANGELES -- Wein Products Inc., a leading air purification manufacturer, announce their AS150MM device. This technology is designed to substantially repel, in indoor confined spaces, any airborne virus including SARS droplet nuclei or other toxic particle by means of an intense electrostatic force in the breathing zone.

The AS150MM is a small, pager-sized wearable battery operated ionic air purifier. When using the device, a substantial airborne germ exclusion zone will be created in front of the wearer's mouth, nose, and eyes. It does not matter the infectivity or the virulence of the germ; as long as the size is between .3 and 3 microns and it obeys the laws of electrostatics, gravitation, diffusion, and turbulence, the AS150MM offers protection.

"The results have been verified by leading world authorities under strict laboratory conditions," says inventor Stan Weinberg. "The technology has also been tested and recommended on Dateline NBC by The Good Housekeeping Institute."

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) infection may spread not only by touch but also by viral coating on micro droplets expelled in human coughing, sneezing, talking and respiration to those nearby. According to the CDC, a surgical mask is helpful but does not stop all of the micro droplets from reaching the nose, mouth and eyes.

The Wein AS150MM has been extensively tested under strict laboratory conditions including aircraft cabin simulation by leading aerosol authorities and microbiologists at the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine.

Their toxic aerosol exposure assessment laboratories concluded that the Wein AS150MM could substantially reduce the concentration of toxic Aerosols from .3 to 3 microns, which are the respirable fraction that settles deep in the lungs to cause infection.

SARS-coated micro droplets are well within the tested particle size specification. The results were presented to the European Aerosol Conference in Leipzig, Germany and were published in the Journal of Aerosol Science seminar issue.

The Wein AS150MM creates a toxic particle exclusion zone in front of the wearer's mouth, nose and eyes. The unit substantially repels these charged particles including bacteria viral micro-droplets, dust, smoke, pollens, allergens or anything that is light enough to float in the air -- away from the breathing zone.

Considerable testing also indicates that the Wein AS150MM ionic space charge is a lethal environment for many types of germs so those that are not repelled may be killed before entering the breathing zone.

According to experts who peer-reviewed the studies, the physical concentration reduction does not depend on the infectivity of the particle as long as it is affected by the forces of electrostatics, diffusion, turbulence and gravity. It can be the most lethal pathogen known to man, it will still be controlled by these physical forces.

In addition, surgical masks may be coated with viral micro-droplets very near a user's mouth, nose and eyes whereas the Wein AS150MM repels these SARS micro-droplets or any aerosol away from the wearer and does not store infectious agents on the surface.

The mask also does not protect the eyes. For added protection, a surgical mask together with the Wein AS150MM could also be employed.

Disclaimer: Neither the Wein AS150MM nor any other germicidal protective technology can offer 100 percent protection against viral or bacterial infection. These germs can enter the body by touch contact, hand contamination, or food ingestion. Accordingly, Wein Products, Inc. does not guarantee the AS150MM will protect against SARS, especially since the wearer could have been infected by airborne SARS virus prior to use.

Source: Wein Products Inc.