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Respiratory Spread and the Flawed Concept of Immunological Debt: A New Understanding

November 08, 2022

CDC discusses potential proposals to redefine spread and to produce uniform guidelines across different types of facilities because public health interventions do not cause immunological debt but instead may prevent immunocompromising infections.

Pfizer Announces Encouraging Data on RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Persons

November 01, 2022

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) can be deadly for newborns and young infants. The newest information from Pfizer about its RSCpreF investigational vaccine is promising for new mothers and infants through the first 90 days of life.

Is the Current Bivalent Booster the Correct One? Studies Suggest it Isn't

November 01, 2022

Despite study results that the univalent BA.5 booster produced much higher increase in antibodies, why was the hybrid bivalent Ancestral/BA.5 booster with a significantly lower increase chosen to be distributed, and how does this put the population at risk?

Monkeypox Outbreak: Answers for Patients

October 25, 2022

Giving and receiving the correct information is vital to alleviate patients' reservations and fears. The recent monkeypox outbreak has caused concern and misinformation. ICT® has the answers health care workers need.