Environmental Services

The Infection Control Today® environmental services (EVS) page recognizes the team responsible for sanitation and cleaning within the health care system. EVS personnel are an integral component of infection prevention in the hospital, working closely together with the health care staff to ensure patient safety and hygiene standards. ICT® keeps a close eye on developments in the environmental services industry and reports on any peer-reviewed literature. This page also features video interviews with EVS and the professionals who interact with them.

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A set of animal pests of fields and gardens - mole, mouse, locust, fly, mole cricket, slug, Colorado potato beetle, aphid, ant. Drawing isolated on a white background.    (Adobe Stock 369346487 by Ольга Ева)
Defending Health Care Facilities: Winter Pest Control and Sanitation Strategies

December 2nd 2023

Cold weather can attract pests seeking warmth and shelter in health care facilities. Learn effective strategies, including sanitation and pest management, to protect patients this winter.

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December 1st 2023

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November 24th 2023

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Mass General Brigham and Salem Hospital Face Class Action Lawsuit Over Potential Hepatitis and HIV Exposure

November 21st 2023

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Navigating the Tripledemic: Influenza, RSV, and COVID-19 in the Operating Room

November 20th 2023