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Female environmental hygienist cleaning a table in an office  (Adobe Stock 659254451 by Pixel-Shot)
Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Boosting Employee Wellness and Workplace Productivity

May 23rd 2024

Eco-friendly cleaning in workplaces reduces health risks from harsh chemicals, improving employee wellness, reducing sick days, and enhancing productivity through better indoor air quality.

Trying to Read Instructions for Use  (Adobe Stock 644702379 by megaflopp)
APIC New Report Calls for Action: Simplifying Medical Device Instructions for Use

May 16th 2024

Norovirus--3D rendering   (Adobe Stock 80593825 by fotoliaxrender)
Norovirus: An Old Virus Seeking New Public Health Actions

May 3rd 2024

Pathogens must be eliminated with proper cleaning and infection prevention.  (Adobe Stock unknown)
Enhanced Infection Prevention Needed in Health Care Facilities Amid Growing Pathogen Threats

April 19th 2024

Infection preventionists   (Adobe Stock 728050966 by Yulya)
The Shifting Responsibilities of Infection Preventionists

April 10th 2024

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