CenTrak Launches Location-Based Scope Management System

CenTrak announces the availability of its Medical Scope Management System, designed to help address one of healthcare's most pressing challenges – the real-time and automated tracking of scopes through their usage, cleaning, and storage lifecycle.  Notable healthcare facilities have already adopted new scope-cleaning protocols, further supporting the case to monitor scope lifecycle events with RTLS. CenTrak's Medical Scope Management System represents healthcare's first practical tracking technology for medical equipment that requires high-level disinfection (HLD). The system includes a number of innovative components, which operate in conjunction with CenTrak's market-leading, clinical-grade RTLS infrastructure. 

The new technology is designed to provide certainty-based workbench-level resolution, even when reprocessing areas are inches apart. Most noteworthy is CenTrak's introduction of the DuraTag, an active RTLS tag not much larger than a quarter, which can easily and safely attach to a scope, and is capable of withstanding the high-pressure washing and harsh disinfection chemicals commonly used during HLD. The DuraTag is also ideal for stretcher and wheelchair management, as those assets often require high-powered water jets for cleaning. The development of this rugged, high-performance tracking system was driven by demand from leading commercial and government hospitals, outpatient facilities, and CenTrak solution providers who are determined to improve the efficiency and safety of healthcare delivery. The Medical Scope Management System is compatible with battery-powered Gen2IR and low-frequency technology installed in CenTrak's 600-plus commercial and government accounts.

"CenTrak is proud to have developed this new technology.  We believe this system will help healthcare facilities attack one of the industry's most notorious sources of patient infections," says Dr. Ari Naim, president and CEO of CenTrak. "We are continuing to invest significant resources to engineer innovative solutions to address our partners' and customers' ever-changing set of healthcare delivery challenges." 

Source: CenTrak