Durable Sterilization Tray Helps Protect Valuable Surgical Instruments

Key Surgical announces the release of a new product, Plastic Sterilization Trays, designed to protect delicate surgical instruments during washing, sterilization, storage and transportation.

Constructed of highly durable polymer resin, Plastic Sterilization Trays feature heat and chemical-resistance, valuable attributes given the repetitive nature of use for this product. Silicone mats, designed with raised pins, help hold instruments in place as well as protect them within the tray during washing, sterilization, storage and transportation. The trays feature a perforated, slotted base and lid which facilitate the circulation of steam during sterilization as well as aids in the drying process. Other features include raised nodes at the bottom of the tray which help prevent the silicone pin mat from sticking, assisting with easy removal for cleaning of the product itself. Available in five different sizes and either single layer or double-layer, Plastic Sterilization Trays are a versatile product that provides sterile processing departments across the U.S. with a useful tool in instrument reprocessing.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality products for our customers and these new Plastic Sterilization Trays are no exception,” says Alana Suomela, product marketing manager at Key Surgical. “These are a great new addition to the extensive line of sterile processing products that Key Surgical already offers. Helping hospitals and surgical centers get more of what they need from one vendor is very important in procurement and supply chain management and we’re happy to provide that.”

Source: Key Surgical