Georgia-Pacific Professional Study Shows Preference for Touchless Paper Towel Dispensers in Away-From-Home Washrooms

An overwhelming majority of people (79 percent) prefer touchless towel dispensers to air dryers according to the “Washroom Product Study,” developed by Georgia-Pacific Professional and conducted by Housekeeping Solutions magazine. Additionally, research compiled by the European Tissue Symposium, an international trade organization in which Georgia-Pacific Professional is a member, revealed that paper towels can reduce up to 77 percent of bacteria present on hands after washing. These two studies support Georgia-Pacific Professional’s commitment to providing hygienic product solutions that create safer away-from-home washroom experiences for users and facility employees.

 “We commissioned this study to understand what makes users feel comfortable when visiting washrooms while away from home,” says Alex Volpe, director of the towel category for Georgia-Pacific Professional. “The results reinforce our company’s ongoing philosophy that washroom guests, as well as the facility professionals, seek out clean and hygienic environments.”

The “Washroom Product Study” also revealed that 81 percent of facility managers, the primary audience for Housekeeping Solutions magazine, believe internal promotion of proper hand washing and hygiene practices help reduce employee illnesses. Of this same audience, 52 percent choose touchless paper towel and soap dispensers versus other options to create a more hygienic washroom experience for users.

This survey of facility managers and users is part of an ongoing effort by Georgia-Pacific Professional to understand end user preferences and habits to improve washroom environments. Paired with education efforts in trade and consumer media, the company is working to encourage people to stay healthier through hand washing. For more information on these efforts visit