ICT's Product Locator: September/October 2023

Infection Control TodayInfection Control Today, September/October 2023 (Vol. 27 No. 7)
Volume 27
Issue 7

Infection Control Today's® Product Locator is a monthly column highlighting some of the latest advanced technology in the infection prevention field.

ICT's Product Locator column

To help improve the vital work of infection preventionists, nurses, and physicians in the infection control field, Infection Control Today® (ICT®) for interesting, supportive, and innovative products. These are this month's picks.

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Featuring a 3.15% chlorhexidine gluconate and 70% isopropyl alcohol formula, PDI’s Prevantics products help reduce microorganisms that can cause central line–associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs). The Prevantics Device Swab is designed to help disinfect needleless access sites (and improve “scrub the hub” adherence) with a 5-second scrub time and 5-second dry time. The Prevantics Skin antiseptic Swab and Swabstick products feature a prep pad and swabstick design that help reduce microorganisms that can cause CLABSIs. The presaturated Swabsticks and Maxi Swabsticks offer continued antimicrobial activity for up to 7 days and feature a low-profile applicator to allow a more precise application at or around the insertion site.


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AION Biosystems’ iTempShield is a skin-wearable device and software system that remotely and accurately tracks temperature and helps patients and clinicians get ahead of infection, especially for high-risk populations. iTempShield is a quarter-sized device supported by cloud-based software and proprietary algorithms that enables continuous measurement of body temperature for up to 60 days. Designed for numerous clinical applications—including oncology, sepsis monitoring, postsurgical infection detection, long-term care, and consumer home health—iTempShield is fully reimbursable and approved for use on adults and children 5 years and older in hospitals, outpatient health care facilities, and remote patient monitoring environments. It also is approved for OTC consumer sale.


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AORN Online

CineMed’s AORN Online is a comprehensive solution for perioperative education that empowers health care organizations to enhance patient safety and reduce medical errors. This program provides educators with the necessary tools to offer cost-effective foundational training to a broad audience, be it via group sessions or remote learning. With unlimited user access and progress tracking, every member of the perioperative team can have equal access to a multimedia curriculum that includes study guides, videos, posttests, and completion certificates. It aims to fulfill all the educational requirements of health care organizations.


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