Market for Surgical and Trauma Wound Care to Surpass $6 Billion by 2009

NEW YORK -- The worldwide market for products to treat surgical and trauma wounds will surpass the $6 billion mark by 2009, according to a study released today from Kalorama Information. Wound closure products, such as sutures and staples, dominate the sector which is currently displaying approximately 7 percent annual growth.

The new study, Wound Care Markets, Volume III: Surgical and Trauma Wounds,

predicts that despite a general slowdown in growth in the next few years, several segments will outperform the sector as a whole. Biological dressings will continue to display double-digit annual growth despite limited use in these types of wounds. Meanwhile, sealants, adhesives, and glues have been catapulting forward at more than 30 percent annually.

The introduction of scores of these new, innovative products has put pressure on marketers and clinicians to standardize product categorizations and indications, adding a new level of complexity to the successful commercialization of wound products.

"There is a decided shift in clinical decision making about dressings, moving toward the drug model -- the specific interactions, indications, side effects, etc. -- rather than categorizing products by components," notes Mary Anne Crandall, RN, the author of the final report. "This new way of thinking about and labeling products is something marketers need to begin positioning themselves for sooner rather than later."

The study examines six broad categories of products and more than 15 subcategories, detailing market size and growth through 2009, presenting competitive market share, and providing a thorough understanding of the environment in which these wound care manufacturers operate.

Source: Kalorama Information, a division of