Sanitec Industries, Inc. Acquires SafeWaste, Inc.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Sanitec Industries, Inc., the global patent holder for the Sanitec Microwave Disinfection System and a leader in no-hazardous-emission medical waste processing, announced today its acquisition of Mount Holly, N.C.-based SafeWaste, Inc. 


The deal between the two firms creates the worlds largest mobile and onsite processor of medical waste using no hazardous emission Sanitec microwave technology. Utilized by hundreds of healthcare providers ranging from large Veterans Administration hospitals to single-practitioner doctors offices, the Sanitec system is a turnkey solution that transforms dangerous hospital waste into low-volume, unrecognizable non-infectious material that requires no further treatment and can be safely disposed of in municipal landfills. 


SafeWaste has become one of the countrys largest provider of on- and off-site treatment of biohazardous waste using Sanitec technology, serving more than 1,000 healthcare facilities in the Southeast, said James Harkess, president of Sanitec Industries.  We are excited to now have a presence on both coasts as an increasing number of facilities rely on Sanitecs mobile and on-site Microwave Disinfection System to safely and affordably treat and dispose of their medical waste.  


About the size of a bus, the on-site and mobile (truck-based) Sanitec units are fully automated, self-contained and are approved for use in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Unlike incineration and autoclaves, which merely transform biohazard material into other dangerous waste products including dioxin, Sanitec systems are self-contained disposal units that utilize a patented microwave disinfection system that are designed to completely eliminates all bacterial and viral pathogens with no hazardous emissions.


Source: Sanitec Industries, Inc.