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November is distinguished as National Diabetes Awareness Month.    (Adobe Stock 468304724 by Yogi)
Understanding Infection Risks for Patients With Diabetes During Diabetes Awareness Month

November 30th 2023

Diabetes Awareness Month in November highlights the heightened susceptibility of diabetes patients to infections. Explore the key reasons behind their increased infection risk and the importance of infection prevention.

Shelley Summerlin-Long, MPH, MSW, BSN, RN, senior quality improvement leader, infection prevention, UNC Medical Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Reducing CLABSIs by 47%: The Impact of Trained Nurse Observers in Catheter Insertion Teams

November 29th 2023

Infection Control Today Infection Intel: Staying Ahead with Company updates and product Innovations.
Infection Intel: Revolutionizing Infection Monitoring for Chemotherapy Patients With iTempShield

November 29th 2023

Trending Topics with Infection Control Today
The Role of Robots and Smart Environments in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Systems: A Systematic Review

November 28th 2023

Ambulatory Medical Center (Adobe Stock 21753008 by FrankBoston)
TASCS's Annual Infection Prevention Seminar: Keeping Texas Ambulatory Surgery Centers Informed

November 27th 2023

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weekly rounds with infection control today
Weekly Rounds: Infection Intel, Handheld UV-C Technology, and More

October 27th 2023

 Infection Control Today Infection Intel: Staying Ahead With Company Updates and Product Innovations.
Infection Intel: Moderna, CBIC, Helocyte, Pfizer, UVDI, and CloroxPro

October 26th 2023

 Infection prevention diagram     (Adobe Stock 336237340 by j-mel)
Advancing Infection Prevention: The Value of an In-House Journal Watch

October 24th 2023

Dirty hospitals are dangerous. Clean Hospitals 2023    (Photo Credit: Clean Hospitals)
Clean Hospitals Day Marks the Launch of the HEHSAF Tool

October 20th 2023

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