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Set of white bottles with cleaning liquids on the white background. (Adobe Stock 6338071172112 by zolnierek)
Eco-Conscious Cleaners and Disinfectants: A Conversation with Kirsten Hochberg, PhD

September 29th 2023

Eco-friendly cleaners and disinfectants are important for sustainability in health care settings. They are biodegradable, have a reduced impact on ecosystems, and promote cleaner indoor air quality, all of which are especially important to the younger generations.

In this photo illustration, National Foundation for Infectious Diseases logo is seen displayed on a smartphone    (Adobe Stock 346303670 By Игорь Головнёв)
Low Vaccination Concerns Highlight Need for Fall and Winter 2023 Vaccination Campaigns

September 28th 2023

COVID-19 germs, fungi, bacteria objects.   (Adobe Stock 584704860 by chawalit)
Evolving Symptomatology: Respiratory Viruses in the Era of COVID-19 Variants

September 27th 2023

An infection preventionist taking off her mask. (Adobe Stock, unknown)
I’m Not Just an Infection Preventionist

September 26th 2023

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Poll: What Minimum Educational Requirement Should Infection Preventionists Have?

September 25th 2023

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The Importance of Health Equity in Infection Prevention and Control
The Importance of Health Equity in Infection Prevention and Control

July 6th 2023

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