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The Infection Control Today® environmental services (EVS) page recognizes the team responsible for sanitation and cleaning within the health care system. EVS personnel are an integral component of infection prevention in the hospital, working closely together with the health care staff to ensure patient safety and hygiene standards. ICT® keeps a close eye on developments in the environmental services industry and reports on any peer-reviewed literature. This page also features video interviews with EVS and the professionals who interact with them.

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nterior of a somber hospital room.  (Adobe Stock 764272114 by gassh)
Overcoming Limitations in a Low-Resource Facility: Spotlight on the Navajo Nation

June 10th 2024

Sage Memorial Hospital, Navajo Health Foundation in Arizona tackles health care and infection control challenges through innovative strategies and cultural sensitivity, serving the Navajo community with respect and resilience.

A worker is holding a red waste bag over a red waste bin.    (Adobe Stock 254565554 by arcyto)
Paper Waste in Health Care: Reducing Health and Environmental Impact

May 6th 2024

Infection Intel is the column for Infection Control Today® (ICT®) that covers the latest news, including updates on product developments, mergers, and more from companies in the infection control and prevention field.
Infection Intel: PerfectClean Wipers, VITEK 2 AST Kit Recall, and CDC Updates on COVID-19 Reporting

April 30th 2024

Infection Control Today Product Locator
ICT's Product Locator: March/April 2024

April 12th 2024

Infection prevention personnel fight against the enemy, infections.   (Adobe Stock 570548731 by giorgi)
The Role of Environmental Hygiene in Preventing Antimicrobial Resistance

March 19th 2024

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