Personal Protective Equipment


The Infection Control Today® personal protective equipment page offers written and video content on the proper use and—during the time of COVID-19 surges—reuse of PPE, including masks, respirators, gloves, gowns, face shields, goggles, and more. What are the proper donning and doffing methods? How long can PPE be extended? How are these items decontaminated? What comprises proper fit testing? Our experts will tell you.

Latest News

Infection Control Today and ContagionLive collaborate on rare infectious diseases during Rare Disease Awareness Month.
What You Need to Know About 3 Rare Infectious Eye Diseases

February 19th 2024

Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD, discusses 3 uncommon yet highly infectious eye diseases, emphasizing the importance of timely treatment and preventative measures.

Using Virtual Reality in Medical Training  (Adobe Stock 173319471 by Naeblys)
Comparing Effectiveness of VR, Face-to-Face, and Video Training for PPE Skills During the COVID-19 Pandemic

February 14th 2024

Infection preventionists Heather Saunders and Stephanie Mayoryk's journey to East Africa emphasizes the positive impact of infection prevention efforts in low-income countries. (Photo courtesy of the authors)
Infection Prevention in Low-Resource Settings: 
Two Infection Preventionists Consult in East Africa

January 29th 2024

Picture of CDC on a computer screen.   (Adobe Stock by unknown)
CDC Sends Back Proposals to HICPAC on Pathogen Spread in Health Care for Revision

January 24th 2024

Nurse takes care of the patient child in hospital bed, wearing protective masks.  (Adobe Stock 363016525 by amedeoemaja)
Discontinuing Contact Precautions for Pediatric Patients With MRSA: A 4-Year Retrospective Analysis and Implications for Infection Control

January 24th 2024