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The Infection Control Today® personal protective equipment page offers written and video content on the proper use and—during the time of COVID-19 surges—reuse of PPE, including masks, respirators, gloves, gowns, face shields, goggles, and more. What are the proper donning and doffing methods? How long can PPE be extended? How are these items decontaminated? What comprises proper fit testing? Our experts will tell you.

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Coronavirus cell or COVID-19  (Adobe Stock 340164484 by phonlamaiphoto)
Rethinking Airborne Pathogens: WHO Proposes New Terminology for Disease Spread

May 15th 2024

The WHO suggests changing terminology to better understand pathogen transmission through the air, emphasizing N95 mask use and improved ventilation.

Sex worker taking money from a client.  (Adobe Stock 245203791 bt motortion)
Infection Prevalence and Prevention Among Sex Workers: Information for Health Care Workers

May 7th 2024

Individuals With Cognitive Issues, Headaches, and Brain Fog.    (Adobe Stock 151385223 by pathdoc)
Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Personality and Brain Function: A Grim Reality or a Wake-Up Call?

April 30th 2024

Running on a gerbil wheel.  (Created by AI)
Dear Helpdesk: Overcoming Monotony in the Role of Infection Preventionists

April 26th 2024

Health care waste  (Adobe Stock 479545283 by Natallia)
Challenges and Solutions in Waste Management for Health Care Facilities

April 11th 2024

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