The Infection Control Today® prevention page contains news and information on the latest updates on all facets of infection prevention. From vaccinations and immunizations to controlling air and water flow in a health care system, preventing infections falls not only on the infection prevention staff, but on all who interact within the hospital, from environmental services teams to those planning and building new construction.

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A set of animal pests of fields and gardens - mole, mouse, locust, fly, mole cricket, slug, Colorado potato beetle, aphid, ant. Drawing isolated on a white background.    (Adobe Stock 369346487 by Ольга Ева)
Defending Health Care Facilities: Winter Pest Control and Sanitation Strategies

December 2nd 2023

Cold weather can attract pests seeking warmth and shelter in health care facilities. Learn effective strategies, including sanitation and pest management, to protect patients this winter.

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Weekly Rounds: Preventing Respiratory Diseases in Pregnancy, Diabetes Awareness Month, and More

December 1st 2023

November is distinguished as National Diabetes Awareness Month.    (Adobe Stock 468304724 by Yogi)
Understanding Infection Risks for Patients With Diabetes During Diabetes Awareness Month

November 30th 2023

Infection Intel: Staying Ahead with Company Updates and Product Innovations
GigaGen Expands Contract With US Department of Defense for Synthetic Antibody Treatments for Botulinum Neurotoxins

November 27th 2023

weekly rounds with infection control today
Weekly Rounds: Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! AMR, Class Action Lawsuits, and More

November 24th 2023

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