Hand Hygiene

Don’t Let Hand Hygiene Standards Dip When COVID-19 Ebbs

May 08, 2020

Most healthcare staff understand the importance of hand washing, but visual cues for staff and patients are essential in the ongoing education of hand hygiene best practices and are especially helpful for nurses working long shifts. 

New Dirt on Hand Sanitizers Muddies Claims About Effectiveness

April 06, 2020

For many infection preventionists (IPs), hand hygiene in healthcare facilities is often subpar. National compliance rates tend to fall well under 50% and even with interventions, sustainable improvement is a unicorn IPs are always in search of.

Amazon Accused of Price Gouging Hand Sanitizers Amid COVID-19 Spread

March 04, 2020

A case of 12 one-ounce bottles was being sold by one lister for $3,892.84, which equals just over $324 per ounce.