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The Infection Control Today® hand hygiene page examines the practice of hand hygiene, from the proper methods to adherence among hospital staff. Will greater recognition of hand hygiene’s importance in curbing the spread of infections translate into better adherence among hospital staff and the public? This page features videos that demonstrate exactly how to conduct hand hygiene properly, articles recapping peer-reviewed literature on the latest advances in monitoring and adherence, as well as the popular "Bug of the Month" feature.

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An illustration of the Norovirus. The viruses are transmitted by fecally contaminated food or water, or through person-to-person contact. Noroviruses are the most common cause of viral gastroenteritis.  (Adobe Stock 87460981 by auntspray)
Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers Ineffective Against Norovirus: Effective Alternatives and Infection Control Strategies

May 30th 2024

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers do not protect against norovirus, a highly contagious virus. Effective alternatives like hypochlorous acid-based sanitizers are crucial for better infection control.

(Adobe Stock 399991110 by Moudat)
Bug of the Month: Travelers Beware!

May 30th 2024

Avoiding burnout by setting boundaries.  (Photo credit: AI by author)
Reclaim Your Time and Recharge: The Power of Boundaries

May 10th 2024

Cows and other animals have been found to be infected with H5N1.   (Adobe Stock 10407374 by AF)
Safeguarding Against H5N1 Influenza Spillover: Protecting Human, Animal, and Environmental Health

May 10th 2024

World Hand Hygiene Day  (Adobe Stock 786402106 By NAVIN)
World Hand Hygiene Day: Insights From the 2024 Healthy Handwashing Habits Survey

May 5th 2024

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