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The Infection Control Today® advanced technology page allows readers to stay up-to-date on new technologies aimed at preventing infection, such as ultraviolet disinfection, real-time locating systems, foggers, sterilization robots, automation, virtual reality technology during hospital design, and more. Articles and videos focus on explaining the role of these various technologies within the health care system and how infection prevention professionals can integrate them into everyday use.

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An image of the blood sampling medical device  (Image credit: Study authors/JAMA)
Infection Intel: Revolutionizing Blood Sampling: Innovative Device Offers Pain-Free and Accessible Solution

May 21st 2024

A new medical device uses microneedles and a suction cup to simplify blood sampling. It aids needle-phobic patients and benefits low-income regions with cost-effective diagnostics.

Infection Control Today's Infection Intel: Staying Ahead With Company Updates and Product Innovations.
Infection Intel: Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Cold Chain: An Interview With SpaceWalker’s James E. Fesmire, MS

May 17th 2024

Poorly dressed central line catheter  (Adobe Stock 271083361 by Kiryl Lis)
Revolutionary UV-C Device Offers Hope in the Fight Against Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSIs)

May 2nd 2024

Infection Control Today Product Locator
ICT's Product Locator: March/April 2024

April 12th 2024

"Answers" 3D illustration  (Adobe Stock 215162905 by frender)
Exploring Infection Preventionists' Top Environmental Hygiene Interests: From Surface Cleaning to UV-C Technology

March 29th 2024

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