The Infection Control Today® prevention page contains news and information on the latest updates on all facets of infection prevention. From vaccinations and immunizations to controlling air and water flow in a health care system, preventing infections falls not only on the infection prevention staff, but on all who interact within the hospital, from environmental services teams to those planning and building new construction.

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Neisseria gonorrhoeae diplococci bacteria responsible for the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhea.  (Adobe Stock 139761858 by fotovapl)
Innovative Treatment for Gonorrhea: Phase III Trial Shows Promise for Zoliflodacin

May 27th 2024

Phase III trial of zoliflodacin shows it as effective as current treatments for uncomplicated gonorrhea, highlighting its potential in combating rising antibiotic resistance.

Measles—medical concept with blurred text, stethoscope, pills, and syringe on a blue background.  (Adobe Stock 104182067 by tashatuvango)
Measles Outbreak Control: CDC's Dynamic Modeling and Mass Vaccination Strategies

May 24th 2024

Destruction of cytomegalovirus  (Adobe Stock 133407379 by Dr_Microbe)
Pooled Saliva Testing for Newborns Enhances Early Detection of Congenital Cytomegalovirus

May 23rd 2024

Female environmental hygienist cleaning a table in an office  (Adobe Stock 659254451 by Pixel-Shot)
Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Boosting Employee Wellness and Workplace Productivity

May 23rd 2024

Dear Helpdesk: Innoculation your work life with IP wisdom from Infection Control Today.
Dear Helpdesk: Rejoining Acute Care Leadership Refreshed and Ready

May 22nd 2024

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