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Personal protection masks, gloves, and safety glasses  (Adobe Stock 320674550 by Sherry Young)
Exploring the Impact of Negative Perceptions of Safety Climate on Standard Precaution Adherence Among Health Care Workers

June 19th 2024

Negative perceptions of safety climate among nurses are linked to reduced adherence to standard precautions, highlighting the need for targeted interventions to improve patient safety culture.

Heather Saunders, MPH, RN, CIC, the nurse research program manager at Johns Hopkins University and the senior IP consultant for Broad Street Prevention; and Stephanie Mayoryk, MAS, BSN, RN, CIC, the infection preventionist and principal consultant at Mayoryk Consulting Services.
APIC Launches PolicyPro for Infection Control and Prevention

June 19th 2024

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Adaptive Clothing Innovations for Medical Treatments: A Journey to Enhance Patient Care

June 18th 2024

Caitlin Crews-Stowe, PhD, MPH
Tracking Pathogen Contamination in a New Children’s Outpatient Pulmonary Clinic

June 17th 2024

Mother holding her newborn after labor in a hospital.   (Adobe Stock 138706505 by nataliaderiabina)
Managing Infection During Delivery: Protecting Maternal and Neonatal Well-Being

June 14th 2024

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