The Infection Control Today® prevention page contains news and information on the latest updates on all facets of infection prevention. From vaccinations and immunizations to controlling air and water flow in a health care system, preventing infections falls not only on the infection prevention staff, but on all who interact within the hospital, from environmental services teams to those planning and building new construction.

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Cows have been found to be infected with H5N1.   (Adobe Stock 10402324 by AF)
Understanding and Mitigating H5N1, Avian Flu Risks in Cattle and Beyond: Insights from Ramon Zegpi Lagos, DVM, PhD

April 12th 2024

Ramon Zegpi Lagos, DVM, PhD, discusses H5N1 (avian flu), risks, transmission dynamics, preventive measures, and ongoing research at The Ohio State University.

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ICT's Product Locator: March/April 2024

April 12th 2024

Health care waste  (Adobe Stock 479545283 by Natallia)
Challenges and Solutions in Waste Management for Health Care Facilities

April 11th 2024

AI in health care (Adobe Stock 588415732 by Suriyo)
Unlocking the Power of AI in Hospital Infection Prevention: A Sustainable Approach to HAIs

April 11th 2024

Infection preventionists   (Adobe Stock 728050966 by Yulya)
The Shifting Responsibilities of Infection Preventionists

April 10th 2024

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